Roman Reigns Lit Up A Fan On Twitter Who Called Him ‘Overrated’ And It’s Fun To Watch

Roman Reigns Returns Twitter

WWE / YouTube

This past Sunday, Roman Reigns walked away from WWE Payback as the new WWE Universal Champion.

Technically, he never lost the title. Reigns had to relinquish the championship after his leukemia returned and then took five months off due to COVID-19 concerns and being immunocompromised.

Reigns returned to the WWE the previous week, at Summerslam, showing up after the main event and laying out both “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman after Wyatt regained the Universal Championship.

Reigns reappeared with an angrier edge and new manager, Paul Heyman.

Reigns, back only a week, found himself once again in the main event of a PPV and eventually the Universal Champion.

This fact didn’t sit well with some fans, especially the contingent who feel the WWE has pushed Reigns to the top for far too long.

“Roman being forced down people’s throats again,” wrote WWE fan Ed Morgan on Twitter, “such an overrated perfromer. The belt has changed hands has so many times it just has no prestige. Rubbish.”

And, OF COURSE, he spelled a word wrong.

Morgan tweeted his comment at Reigns, Paul Heyman, and the WWE Twitter account.

Reigns decided to respond to Morgan’s criticism.

Morgan responded to being lit up by the new Universal Champion but wisely did not tweet at him again.

“For the record, I was a dick, and got called out for being a dick, but I want to say I’m not a dick and I’m happy for Roman.”

Hopefully, this new heel Reigns sticks around and doubles down on opinionated wrestling fans.


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