Ronda Rousey Is One Of The Best Trash-Talkers On Earth And Her Latest Rant Has Us Ducking Under A Desk In Fear

Ronda Rousey is exceptional at fighting inside the octagon. She might be even better at shit talking outside of it.

Rousey was a guest on Piper’s Pit (because only your mom doesn’t have a wrestling podcast at this point) and Rousey unloaded on her upcoming opponent at UFC 190, the formidable Beth Correia. Rousey’s last two fights have last 14 and 16 seconds. This fight sounds like it’s going to last a whole lot longer and get a whole lot uglier.

Rousey unleashed a couple verbal face smashes and basically told Correia she should fear for her well being.

“First of all, the kind of beating Bethe is going to get in Brazil is nothing compared to anything anyone can make up in the meantime. I can promise you this fight is not going to be short,” Rousey said. “This needs to be like Miesha 2. She needs to be punished before she gets finished. I don’t want her walking out there looking the same way she did walking in.”

Up to this point, much of the trash talk between the two has been appearance based — Rousey is still pissed about Correia disrespecting her Four Horsewomen and claiming she’ll “knock the mole” off Rousey’s face in their August match.

There is a ton of time between now and August, and if things get any uglier between these two, this might turn into a Mortal Kombat-level blood bath.

[via Wrestling Inc.]

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