Good Guy Russell Wilson Calls Late Game Audible To Secure Teammate David Moore Six-Figure Incentive Bonus

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Close your eyes and think of the co-workers you deal with on a daily basis. If less than half of them would take on a little risk to secure you a BIG reward, update your LinkedIn and dream up a couple resume lies, because you my friend, need a new gig.

Russell Wilson is the kind of co-worker you want. The kind who will punch you in when you’re late for your shift. The kind who will shoot off a few emails in your name while you’re on vacation. The kind who won’t hit on your girl at the holiday party because he believes sex is sacred.

Mr. Unlimited put this selflessness on full display in the waning moments of the Seahawks 26-23 win over the Niners, choosing to throw a pop pass to David Moore instead of kneeling out the clock in an effort to secure a contract incentive that stipulates Moore gets $100,000 for 35 receptions on the season.

This otherwise meaningless pass pushed Moore over the edge, finishing the regular season with 35 catches, 417 yards, and six touchdowns.

This $100k haul is far more impactful for the 25-year-old Moore than it is for say, Antonio Brown. Moore signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks worth a relatively thrifty $825,0000. In his four-year NFL career, Moore has earned $2.2 million in salary, which isn’t anywhere near private jet money.

After the game, Russ confirmed that idea to pass was to get Moore his cheddar.

“We called that play because David gets $100,000 if he makes that catch so it’s a blessing to be able to help his family and his daughter. So we wanted to give him that catch so we were able to dial that up for him the last play.”

If six-figures is on the line for me, I’m negotiating with cornerbacks to lay off for a play to get a 20% cut. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Have a beer, Mr. Moore. You’ve earned it.

Maybe spring for a craft lager next time.