Viral Pic Of Sad Cowboys Fan Sparks Major Drama After He’s Accused Of Bringing ‘Side Chick’ To The Game

Sad Cowboys Fan Accused Of Cheating And Taking Side Chick To Game


  • A picture of a sad Cowboys fan who went viral following the team’s playoff loss to the 49ers has created some major drama online
  • The man’s ex-girlfriend claimed he took his “side chick” to the game but plenty of people had other theories
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On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys treated their tortured supporters to their latest dose of misery when the team was eliminated from the playoffs at the hands of the 49ers thanks to an underwhelming performance from Dak Prescott and a fairly inexplicable play call at the end of the fourth quarter that sealed their fate.

In the wake of the loss, the rest of the world was treated to a massive dose of schadenfreude thanks to the many clips and pictures of despondent Cowboys fans that made the rounds online (and provided Stephen A. Smith with an infinite amount of pleasure). One woman who got the meme treatment was able to laugh it off—and I bet she feels even better after seeing the drama another viral picture was able to spark.

One of the more popular photos to make the rounds featured a guy rocking a giant Cowboys chain while hugging a woman who was presumably his girlfriend.

However, in the immortal words of Lee Corso: Not so fast, my friend!

Earlier this week, someone claiming to be the man’s ex-girlfriend hopped on Instagram to accuse him of being a “serial cheater” who told her he was heading to Dallas on a trip with the boys and labeled the woman he was captured with as his “side chick.”

Of course, there’s no way to know if that assertion is actually true, but plenty of other people floated alternate theories about what really unfolded.

Regardless of what really went down, there’s one thing we know is true: watching Cowboys fans have their hopes and dreams crushed will always be funny.

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