These Two Sandbagging Dads Just Want To Watch The Game In Peace

Chris Wylde is a sexist smack talking rage lord with a whiplike wit who lives amongst mere court jester mortals (us). The poor ‘pro-choice, anti-chosen’ Broncos fan just can’t seem to drink a beer in peace while watching his game; and his buddy-in-arms seems to casually hate his family and the rest of his life.

Yes, from within a web of Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, Wylde carelessly raps off a volatile round of no-holds-barred insults, most often at the expense of his wife who keeps busy in the background kind of doing nothing. You almost hope for her to perk up and engage with him after one of his insults, so that we can all dine on a stereotypical relationship-troubles-explosion from the safety of our own man caves, with the damn game on. These guys are ‘dadholes’ (asshole dad) in every sense of the made up word, but you’ve got to admit that you can kind of see where they’re coming from.

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