Sauce Gardner Sends Promise To Aaron Rodgers Amid Latest Jets Update

Sauce Gardner

Getty Image / Kevin Sabitus

Rumblings between Aaron Rodgers and the New York Jets are genuinely picking up steam.

So much so, that reports indicate that team officials are visiting with Rodgers. With that said, Sauce Gardner is expressing interest in the veteran quarterback yet again.

The Jets’ superstar cornerback decided to send a rather hilarious promise to Rodgers. However, there is one rule. Aaron Rodgers must be traded to New York.

Sauce Gardner has been tagging Rodgers on Twitter throughout the offseason. Now, with rumors running rampant throughout the week, why not send another plea to the veteran quarterback to join his team?

For now, nothing is official just yet. The franchise is just meeting with Rodgers. However, the fact they’re flying out to meet with Aaron Rodgers is a big deal.

As for Sauce Gardner, why wouldn’t he want Rodgers on his team? Most of the Jets’ woes last season were due to incompetent quarterback play.

Fixing that problem could go a long way for New York, as they’d suddenly become a legitimate threat in the AFC East.

On top of that, we’re sure Packers fans would love for Sauce Gardner to get rid of his cheesehead. Remember when he angered the entire fanbase after the Jets beat Green Bay?

At the end of the day, the reports are indicating the Jets are aiming to make one of, if not, the biggest moves of the offseason.