Florida Man Fishing The Everglades Saves The Life Of A 17-Foot Dinosaur With Terrifying Teeth

by 9 months ago
smalltooth sawfish caught in Chokoloskee by Josh Ludwig

Josh Ludwig

A Florida Man caught an extremely rare 17-foot Sawfish last weekend and ended up saving the peculiar creature’s life. He and a friend were fishing for snook, redfish, and tarpon (the normal game fish in the area).

Josh Ludwig of Naples, Florida initially thought he’d hooked into a large shark. He and his friend caught a glimpse of a fin in the dark water and estimated it to be a 9-foot shark of some sort. They were fishing out of Chokoloskee, a city that borders The Everglades National Park and looks as if you’re stepping back in time, a Jurassic Park or Land of the Lost style region.

The pair were fishing in a 16-foot flats boat, so it came as the shock of the century when TWO HOURS LATER a 17-foot sawfish emerged and it was larger than their boat. It’s also impressive as hell that angler Josh Ludwig was able to land the extremely rare sawfish, measuring 17-feet in length (more pics below), on the same rod and reel that he was using to catch snook and redfish.

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