Hockey Fans Are Completely Dumbfounded By The Seattle Kraken’s Bizarre New Mascot

Seattle Kraken Revealed A New Mascot And It Left Fans So Confused

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Last year, the new NHL expansion franchise, the Seattle Kraken, finally took the ice almost three years after being approved by the league.

Their inaugural season ended with the Kraken in last place in the Pacific Division with a 27–49–6 record.

So, in an effort to keep fans’ interest while attending home games at Climate Pledge Arena, the Seattle Kraken introduced a new mascot during the team’s preseason game against the Canucks on October 1st.

The new Kraken mascot is a sea troll named Buoy.

That’s right. The Kraken’s mascot is a troll – supposedly the “nephew” of the Fremont Troll. (The Fremont Troll is a public sculpture in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle which was erected to deter the presence of homeless people and antisocial behavior under the bridge. Perfect for a hockey mascot, right?)


Instead of a terrifying 18th century sea monster, Seattle’s NHL team, the Kraken, has a troll, complete with an anchor earring, as a mascot.

The Kraken are going to have some tremendous synergy when the third film in the Trolls movie franchise comes out in November of 2023.

Fans are very confused by The Seattle Kraken’s new troll mascot

Last year, the Seattle Kraken had a “team dog” named Davy Jones, so… yeah… if this is at all confusing to you, you are far from alone.

“I immediately thought *this is easily gonna be the worst mascot in the league* and after going to the comments, glad to see everyone agrees,” one fan commented on Twitter.

“Hey guys! Let’s base our mascot on a homeless repellent troll that’s under one of our bridges!!!” another fan wrote.

“I couldn’t possibly hate this mascot any more,” another fan commented.

“Trolls aren’t very nautical,” commented another.

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