Euro Hoops Player, Sebastien Bellin, Shares Terrifying Details As A Victim Of Brussels Airport Attacks

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Following the cowardly, frightening and unfortunate terrorist attacks at the Brussels airport Tuesday morning—where at least 250 people have been wounded and 31 more have lost their lives—details of the victims have shocked the world, starting a rallying cry from a global community.

One of the many stories that have received attention of the survivors is that of European basketball player Sebastien Bellin, a former forward at both Marist and Oakland University here in the States in the mid- to late-’90s, who is currently playing for BC Oostende in Brussels.

According to his team’s Twitter account the 37-year-old Bellin was thrown about 65 feet, breaking his hip and causing his leg to almost be “split in two” in the explosion at the airport, with the image of him lying on the ground dirtied and in a pool of his own blood going viral. (Editor’s Note: The image is graphic)

Speaking to ABC’s David Muir this morning, Bellin spoke about his will to survive, as well as the frightening thoughts that went through his mind as he laid there hoping his life wouldn’t end.

During the interview, Sebastien Bellin recounted the terrifying scene, telling Muir, “The whole time I told myself I was gonna make It, I’m gonna make it, I’m gonna make it.” He continued by saying he only thought about his daughters, per ABC:

“I didn’t want my girls to grow up without a dad,” he said.

“It’s funny how many things you think of,” he said of fighting for his life. For example, he said he drew strength from thinking of how his 7-year-old daughter is working on her tennis game.

“‘Man, I gotta get through this because she needs her coach’… It’s just some of the things that go through your head,” shared Bellin. “It seems so trivial, but you gotta get through those moments.”

Already undergoing surgery, Bellin still has shrapnel in his leg and hip will have to continue to receive medical attention, so here’s to hoping he fully recovers both physically and mentally, because this isn’t something any of us should ever have to experience.

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