Paddleboard Surfer Catches A Wave And HOLY WHAT Did That Shark Just Launch Out Of The Water At Him?!?!?


YouTube / Maximo Trinidad

A paddleboard surfer from Florida spent his lunch break catching some waves in Jupiter, one of the hottest surfing spots in the Sunshine State. Jupiter, Florida also happens to have waters that are literally teeming with sharks. An encounter between this paddleboarder and a spinner shark during a mid-afternoon surfing session yesterday is going viral at the speed of light, and once you see this clip below you’ll understand why (it’s super short, and there’s a GIF below if you don’t want to watch video):

Let’s see that once more in GIF, shall we?

In terms of shark numbers, Jupiter is one of the most heavily populated areas in the world (it’s Jupiter and New Smyrna hand-in-hand). If you’ve ever seen a video of a shark attack in Florida or heard of someone getting bitten there’s probably a 50/50 chance it took place near Jupiter. So while an encounter like this is extremely surprising it’s not completely out of the realm of believability.

The surfing waters around Jupiter make for very frothy and churned up waves, so sharks and surfers often cannot see each other until the very last moment. I’m guessing this is precisely what happened here.

If this was anywhere else in the world I think I’d be freaked out by this encounter but given that it’s a well known hot bed for encounters with sharks it actually kind of makes me want to give paddleboarding and/or paddleboard surfing a shot.

I can’t help but wonder what it is with sharks and throwing themselves into larger objects, see what I mean?

Shout out to my buddy Sean for sending this my way!

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