It’s Really Hard To Hate Any WWE Superstar When They Do Stuff Like This For Sick Children

Sheamus Make a Wish


Uggggghhhhh…I’ve been on a solid year bender of really disliking Sheamus. Sheamus the wrestler, not Sheamus the real person. He’s so predictable in the ring, in promos and just a snooze. I’m sure he’s a real swell fella but, eh, just not my thing.

But it’s the kids…the kids love him. And wrestling is for kids no matter how much me and the rest of the man babies want to say it’s “for everyone.” Kids love Sheamus.

One young fan in particular is a huge fan of the Irish fella — his name is Ayden and he’s been diagnosed with brain cancer. The Make-A-Wish  foundation granted Ayden’s wish to meet the former US heavyweight champion and his local news covered the story because who doesn’t need a good cry right around the holidays? I DON’T! I DON’T NEED TO CRY.

The visit took place in October, and since that time, Ayden’s health has deteriorated. He’s developed impaired vision and hearing loss. Cancer fucking sucks. You didn’t need me to tell you that, I’m just saying it because it felt right. If the video moved you enough to help, Ayden has a GoFundMe account to cover his medical expenses.

[H/T: With Spandex]