5 Shockingly Healthy Fast Food Meals

It's 1 p.m. in the afternoon and you're stomach starts indicating that your breakfast has dissolved and become compost. Unfortunately, you are far away from a kitchen and don't have the time or money to sit down at a restaurant. Or maybe you're just lazy…

Then it hits you.

This is fuckin' America. Land of the free, home of the dollar menu. Where we can order food and have it instantaneously delivered, because it was meticulously placed under a microwave light, 7 hours ago.

But hold there big guy, you want to look good don't you? Well, there are only a select few things you can eat when at these places if you want to see that 6 pack.

Now listen, before I have someone jump down my throat about preservatives, please keep in mind that 90% of things you eat at the grocery store have similar preservatives to most fast food places. Obviously, it is better to eat at home, but don’t get all high and mighty thinking your local grocery store is soooo much better for you than fast food. Sadly, it's not.

If you can shop at whole foods, congrats on your fat bank account. For the rest of the world, here are the top 5 fast food chains in the world and what a ripped guy would be eating at them:

1. Subway – Not only is subway the #1 largest fast food chain, it is also full of healthy variety. Go for the oven roasted chicken breast sub on a whole-wheat bun. Add any kind of vegetable you want, but NO CHEESE. Also, choose a lighter dressing like “fat free” anything or mayonnaise (mayonnaise actually has good fat in it). You can have all the veggies you want.

Carbohydrates = 47Grams – Only 8 coming from sugar
Fats = 5Grams (More if you add mayo)
Protein = 23Grams

2. McDonalds – Unless you are living on a remote island in the Philippians, you are guaranteed to have a McDonalds nearby. A Southwest chicken salad with grilled chicken is your best choice. It tastes great and has decent nutritional value. Do not order anything else from here, ever. The other menu items may taste good, but you're safer entering the core of a nuclear reactor than eating here regularly. (Do not eat the chicken sandwich).

Carbohydrates = 28Grams
Fats = 8Grams
Proteins = 27Grams

3. Starbucks – Yes, we know you hit on the amateur barista every morning, we're so impressed by your game. But guess what, you can now get a protein shake for under 6 dollars and make sure she KNOWS your jacked. Make sure to tell them to double up on the protein and fill the drink up to 3/4 of the way, or else there will be way too much sugar in that thing.
Carbohydrates = 35Grams – All sugars from fruits (Depending on your view on fruit, this could be good or bad).
Fats = 1.5Grams
Protein = 30Grams

4. Burger King – Have it your way and get the grilled chicken sandwich without the fries. It's ok to have the mayonnaise, but these nutrition facts are without it. Nothing else here is very good for you either.
Carbohydrates = 42Grams – 7 from sugars
Fats = 8Grams
Protein = 39Grams

5. Pizza Hut, taco bell, and Jack and the Box – Sorry brother, there is no way to make pizza hut, taco bell, or jack in the box healthy. If you find your self-hungry and need to get some food quickly, head to the gas station and grab a protein bar. The bars you get from there will be 10 times as valuable, nutritionally. 

Bonus Material – Chipotle is also awesome if you have some sit down time. At chipotle, avoid the white rice, tortillas, tortilla chips, cheese, and sour cream. Everything else is good to go.

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See you next week, bros,
Alex Nerney – Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Lord of BroScience.

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