Simple Chart Explains How Floyd Mayweather’s Strategy Paid Off

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Leading up to Saturday night’s fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather I didn’t think there as a shot in hell that Conor could win. We all know now that Floyd Mayweather won the fight, beating Conor McGregor just 1min5sec into the 10th round. There are some interesting conspiracy theories about when Floyd Mayweather won the fight because of the bet Floyd placed on himself. But, like I said, going into the fight I didn’t think Conor McGregor had any chance at all in winning. Then, after the bell rung in the first round and Conor McGregor started throwing punches I changed my mind.

Conor McGregor came out hot. He was landing punches and trying to win the fight, which is exactly what we all thought he’d try to do. I had assumed that Floyd would’ve been taking a more active roll in defending against those punches, but Conor was landing some shots. But, this was all part of Floyd’s plan and we can see that in this simple chart from Business Insider which shows exactly how Floyd’s strategy to let Conor McGregor tire himself out paid off:


[protected-iframe id=”bbd88ac4536f82c47827962f5050953c-97886205-93291949″ info=”//” height=”397″ class=”apester-media”]


Floyd Mayweather won the fight by allowing Conor McGregor to tire himself out. Halfway through the 6th round is when Floyd Mayweather started landing more punches than Conor and there was no looking back after that. It’s a simple strategy and one that worked, obviously. (h/t Business Insider)