A Look At The Never-Ending Hotness Of Skip Bayless And His Most Sizzling Sports Takes

Skip Bayless is easily one of the most rage-inducing personalities on Twitter, at least when it comes to sports. This isn’t exactly news. The guy could say something and simple and harmless as “good morning” and it would probably garner over 200 replies, most of which would say something inspiring, like “please ram your head directly into a brick wall, ya dick.”

But it’s not like Twitter is known for highbrow conversation or any kind of decorum. It can get ugly pretty fast. But Skip does has a knack for being wildly inconsistent, changing his allegiances on the fly, and — most significantly — for being flat-out wrong. That last one is what gets people digging deep into the Twitter archives whenever something goes completely against his prediction or “take.” And some of them are so ridiculously off, you can’t help but be amused.

So here’s a look at some of those moments. We can thank yesterday’s firing of Derek Fisher for this little treat down memory lane.

While it’s completely understood that Skip’s job is to rile the masses, something he happens to exceptionally good at, that does not include making comments that have a ZERO PERCENT chance of happening and ultimately end up making you look like an ass. Kerr took over Steph Curry’s Warriors and won a title. Fisher took over a mess of a Knicks team and got fired less than two years into the job.

The difference between these two coaching opportunities, at the time and at the present moment, is akin to comparing Adrianna Lima to Rosie O’Donnell.

Well first off, they “avoided” the Clips because L.A. put on a colossal choke job against the Rockets. Secondly, let’s not act like the Warriors beat the Nets. They took out LeBron for christ’s sake. When the Warriors repeat this year, blame Skip Bayless.

This was said in December of Von Miller’s ROOKIE year, one that saw him record 11.5 sacks. That’s a stellar rookie season by any measure. And perhaps, I don’t know, maybe do something else at 5:14 pm on Christmas Eve other than blast an NFL rookie? This is so depressing it hurts. Now, of course, Von Miller is a Super Bowl MVP. Vintage Skip Bayless.

Von Miller overcame being an overhyped player to dominate a Super Bowl and disrupt a QB who had disrupted every other defense in the league. But if good old Von doesn’t have a sack in Week 1 of next season, don’t be surprised if he’s once again slapped with the label of being an overrated disappearing act. Seems fair.

Skip’s got jokes. While it’s one thing to have an opinion and make a prediction, it’s another to be so confident of said opinion and have it turn out to be so damn wrong.

If I were a member of the Carolina Panthers, I would strongly suggest that Skip Bayless stop tweeting before their big games because the exact OPPOSITE happened here. Specifically mentioning Von and DeMarcus, the two guys who reeked absolute havoc for the entire game, makes this one extra special.

Cam’s year, Cam’s time, unstoppable and UNFLAPPABLE. Unless he’s playing the Broncos.

And let’s not forget what Skip said about Cam before he turned the corner and began to excessively gush about him.

Amazing. If this doesn’t sum up the bizarre bookends of Skip constantly contradicting himself, few things will. Josh Freeman? Now that is brutal. Even for Skip.

This man is the ultimate cooler. If find yourself at a blackjack table in Vegas and see Skip coming, run away like your hair’s on fire.

This is just bizarre. Anyone who thinks Peyton Manning plays another down of football, save for a tackle ’til the death, backyard game with his brothers on Thanksgiving day is certifiably nuts.

This is what he does best: Troll the shit out all 1.84 million of his followers. If there’s one thing he stays consistent on, it’s this.

Now here’s a string of some instant classics that might truly force you want to peel your face off and tack it to the wall.

Tim Tebow over Aaron Rodgers at ANY time since Tebow briefly played in the NFL is funnier than Chris Rock and Louis C.K. COMBINED. But he went as far as to say Tebow over Rodgers in crunch time. Astonishingly embarrassing.

The scary thing about this statement is that Skip made it less than two years ago. I don’t even know what to say at this point.

The idea of reminding people you ever uttered the words “Brandon Weeden” and “steal” in the same sentence brings me to only one conclusion: Even Skip is on the other end laughing at this crap, especially when he looks at his paycheck and sees just how much cash he’s pulling in to say utterly crazy shit.

Yup. That’ll do it.

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