Is Eating Soy Products Responsible For Your Low Testosterone, Lack Of Gains, And Shitty Sex Life?

by 3 years ago

I don’t know about you bros, but I happen to think testosterone is a pretty fucking cool hormone. It’s responsible for making us super jacked, makes us get into unnecessary bar fights with someone who we’ll probably hug it out with later on, and causes us to stare at every single ass within 100 miles.

All joking aside, testosterone is a big fucking deal when it comes to being a man. It’s the very essence of manhood. When testosterone is pumping properly life is good.

  • We enjoy lifting and we get stronger from it.
  • We’re full of ambition and the desire to kick life square in the balls.
  • Our sex drive is through the roof and Tinder game is on point.

When testosterone isn’t flowing from our balls the way it should things start to go really haywire. Like REALLY haywire.

  • We lose sexual desire and struggle to keep it hard.
  • We’re less ambitious, more depressed, moody, and start playing the victim role.
  • We hardly ever lift, and when we do they aren’t productive sessions.

If you haven’t gotten it through your thick skull yet, testosterone is a big deal. It’s what this very brand is built on. Without testosterone, the world is without bros. Without bros, the world is a cold dead place.

What you may not know is that your very eating habits could be seriously harming your balls and their ability to produce the testosterone necessary to being the ultimate bro.

We’re talking about soy, specifically.

Soy is found in damn near every food product out there today. Back in 1999 soybean oil accounted for 7% of all dietary fat intake, and that number has only increased thanks to the ass backwards thinking that fake foods like soy burgers should be a thing.

If you start looking at every food label in your crusty kitchen that you haven’t cleaned in a few weeks you’ll probably start seeing soy everywhere. From the marinades that go on your meats, canned vegetables, packaged products, and damn near any refined carb.

If you don’t see soy by name, then look for vegetable oil. Same thing. And you’ll definitely see that hiding in more places than it should.

I’m not fucking around when I say soy is literally everywhere. But why is it everywhere, and can that really harm your testosterone levels?

To understand our current obsession with soy, we need to go back in history to a fuck boy by the name of Ancel Keys. Ancel is responsible for making the world think that dietary fat, saturated fat in particular, was responsible for heart disease.

Food manufacturers responded by drowning their TV dinners, Little Debbies, Twinkies and everything else they could find in vegetable oil. This way they could market it as heart healthy, because it didn’t have saturated fat.

How that relates to your balls.

Soy contains compounds called isoflavones. Isoflavones are structurally very similar to estrogen, and are believed to have similar effects to estrogen in the body.

Also, isoflavone consumption leads to the creation of a molecule in our gut known as equol. Unsurprisingly people who eat a lot of soy have high equol numbers. Where equol gets fucking crazy is that it’s been shown to almost completely shut down DHT, the strongest androgen out there.

Just so you know, without androgens, there’s no testosterone. Fuck equol.

All bros have a little bit of estrogen. But estrogen and testosterone have an inverse relationship. You can’t have a ton of either. If one increases, the other drops. When soy consumption is through the roof, testosterone has to drop.

It can even be so bad that one study followed a 19-year-old guy who consumed large amounts of soy for a year. Researchers found that this poor bro lost all sexual interest and even suffered from erectile dysfunction. AT 19 YEARS OLD.

A year after dropping the soy experiment our young bro was able to get boners again. Coincidence? Of course not.

So what does this mean for you?

By now it’s probably a bit natural to think that soy should be burn in hell for the rest of eternity. Why the hell would a food product be such a douche?

As with all things, the answer isn’t that simple though. For most bros who lift and don’t eat like complete shit all the time, they’re probably not going to have any issues with their balls and testosterone.

If you eat a whole food based diet where most of your food is from whole food sources you’re perfectly fine. You’d have to really try to get in too much soy.

However, if you eat a high number of packaged meals (this includes protein bars and protein shakes), refined carbs, or drink heavily then you’re testosterone production probably sucks.

If you notice that you find it really easy to get apathetic about life, if you struggle with confidence, if your desire for sex varies wildly, and you don’t feel like crushing life then you very well might be struggling with low testosterone.

If that’s the case, one of the best things you can do is go get your levels checked. After that:

  • Start lifting. A lot.
  • Quit drinking so damn much.
  • Throw out all of your refined carbs and sources of soybean oil.
  • Eat some motherfucking vegetables.
  • And don’t be scared of saturated fat. Saturated fat in proper amounts can actually increase testosterone production.

Watch out for your balls bros, and watch out for soy.

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