Sports Anchor Gives NCAA Tournament Highlights Using MS Paint To Get Around Restrictions

Sports Anchor Gives LSU NCAA Tournament Highlights Using MS Paint

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Sometimes you just have to get creative. This is something that Andrew Clay, the sports director for KATC in Lousiana, knows all too well when he set out to put together a highlight package of LSU’s NCAA Tournament loss to top-seeded Michigan on Monday.

Because the NCAA doesn’t allow news stations to air any highlights of tournament games until the post-game show ends on CBS, Clay had to find a way around it.

Calling the rules complex and antiquated, Clay added, “What they don’t say is I can’t open up MS Paint and go to town.”

And go to town he did, delivering some A++ “highlights” from LSU’s NCAA Tournament loss using several MS Paint “clips” from the game.

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He’s got LSU’s Cam Thomas going all NBA Jam – “ON FIRE” – from three-point range. He’s got the coaches Ed Wade and Juwan Howard looking splendid on the sidelines wearing their masks. He’s got Michigan fans celebrating in the stands – at a comfortable social distance, of course.

Honestly, it’s as good a highlight package as I have ever seen.

All that was really missing was a “Boom goes the dynamite.”

Also, how long until that highlight package is going for several million dollars on the NFT market? I give it a week, tops.

Yes. Yes we do.

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