Spurs Kiss Cam Completely Screws With Bro And His Female Friend Who Have Clearly Never Kissed Before

Spurs Kiss Cam guys gets denied

Prior to Monday night’s game between San Antonio and Utah, the Spurs “Kiss Cam” zeroed in on a couple, or at least what they thought was a couple. Given the immediate and astounding awkwardness emanating from this duo right off the bat, the Spurs kiss cam had no choice but to be relentless in its pursuit of an eventual kiss delivered by this dude to his female compadre.

Spurs Kiss Cam first date?

First date? No. They’re in the Friend Zone, probably work together, and he’s hoping to one day get laid.

Spurs Kiss Cam guys gets denied

Giving into the whims of the kiss cam mostly to end the embarrassment only to get DENIED was almost too painful to watch.

Spurs Kiss Cam things got awkward

Yes. Yes, it did. But I now love the person in charge of the Spurs kiss cam. Take a look at the video to see the holiday trickery that forced them to eventually kiss.


Never has a kiss cam operator put in so much damn work to lure some lips into locking.

[H/T BSO, Facebook]