This Dude Squashed His Opponent In An Extreme Display Of Athleticism At The Windy City Open

Squash is some intense and highly demanding business dude; I used to fuck around with the non-bouncy ball and racket back when I was a kid and fit enough to chase a damn ball around in the first place, and let me be the first to tell you this game is not for the slow of feet. You gotta’ be quick and exercise impeccable hand-eye coordination/hyper-fast reaction times. Taking all that into consideration, and noting the glaring display of elite athleticism let’s get a round of claps for this bro who completely squashes his opponent with not only a kickass fearless albeit graceful dive, but then picks himself up and jets backcourt to settle the game once and for all.

The bro who suffered at the hand of this righteous feat of athleticism is clearly on the teetering edge of a breakdown, but can you blame him? That dive/recovery combo defied logic. I’m pretty sure volume’s irrelevant for this video, because there’s no way the crowd at the 2016 Windy City Open didn’t fall dead silent after that shot.