Here’s The Crazy Technology That Turns Steph Curry And LeBron James Into Avatars For ‘NBA 2K19’

by 4 months ago

NBA 2K19 in the most realistic video game the basketball world has ever seen. People say that the Steph Curry avatar looks more like Steph Curry than the real-life version.

Scanning players into video games is nothing new. It’s been around for years. But the technology has progressed to a point where the finished product is almost unbelievable. They’re not only able to scan in every facial feature, muscle, tattoo, freckle, etc., but these game developers are also able to incorporate natural movements and signature moves.

The process of turning players like LeBron James and Steph Curry into NBA 2K19 avatars isn’t all that different than what it took for James Cameron to create the movie Avatar. For this clip, INSIDER got to go behind the scenes at the Visual Concepts studios and see what it takes to scan a player into a game.

I think it’s time I explored NBA 2K19 a little. I’ve been playing FIFA 19 for months and still play that game every day. But I’m torn on whether I should tackle the NBA or NHL as my next game.

On the one hand, I’m a Tampa Bay Lightning fan so I’ll be able to dive right in and play with the best team in the NHL but on the other hand, NBA 2K19 looks siiiiick. Anyone out there playing both? Do you have suggestions for me?

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