Stephen A. Smith Calls Out Paul Pierce Over Recent Behavior In Fiery Rant

Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett watching NBA Finals on livestream


If you’re a basketball fan, you’re undoubtedly very familiar with the issues Ja Morant has run into courtesy of the Instagram Live sessions that have repeatedly broadcast some worrying behavior to the masses, as the embattled Grizzlies star is currently starring down the barrel of a lengthy suspension in the wake of a second gun-related incident.

However, he’s not the only notable name linked to the NBA who’s blown up their own spot in a similar manner.

In 2021, Paul Pierce found himself out of a job at ESPN after he committed a bit of an unforced error on Instagram Live (although based on how he reacted to the news, he didn’t seem particularly troubled by that development).

It’s pretty clear that the 45-year-old who spent the bulk of his 19 seasons in the NBA with the Celtics has reached a point in life where he could not really care less about what other people think about him or going out of his way to make a good impression.

That reality was reflected when he posted up next to Kevin Garnett for the “KG Certified” live stream that gave viewers that chance to watch the two of them react while tuning in to Game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Nuggets and Heat last week.

Pierce helped himself to more than a few adult beverages over the course of a stream where he went out of his way to let his former teammate know the woman at his side was someone he’d rented from a “Girlfriend For a Day” service, which marked just one of more than a few awkward moments that transpired during the broadcast.

Now, Pierce has found himself in the crosshairs of Stephen A. Smith, who went off on the retired guard while addressing his recent behavior in one of his signature rants.

Smith made it clear he has a ton of respect for Pierce and seemed to be genuinely worried about the man known as “The Truth,” saying in part:

“You’re Paul Pierce. What are you doing, bro? That’s how you want to be seen?

You want the image of you being you with a drink in your hand and surrounded by strippers and pulling out your phone to summon women that you pay for—with alcohol or weed or something always around you? With slurred speech? That’s the image you want?…

Please stop. You mean too much to the game of basketball for us to see you like that…It’s embarrassing. C’mon, bro. You’re better than that.”

I think he’s made his thoughts on the matter very clear.

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