Stephen A. Smith Obliterates Guy On Twitter Who Blamed ESPN Layoffs On His Salary

Stephen A Smith Rips Twitter User Who Blamed ESPN Layoffs On Salary

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Last month, ESPN reported that it was laying off 300 employees across all of its business and would not be filling the 200 open positions that were open at the time of the announcement.

Like many other businesses, sports-centric and otherwise, ESPN and its parent company Disney have seen their overall revenue take a big hit thanks to the ongoing pandemic in America.

The NBA schedule being affected by the pandemic, going on hiatus before finally finishing the 2019-2020 season in a bubble, plus the fact that the league won’t begin its 2020-2021 season until December 22nd when it would normally begin in late October, is one of the biggest factors in ESPN’s decreased revenue.

As a result of the layoffs, employees like longtime host Trey Wingo, ESPN soccer reporter Stefano Fusaro, and Katie Nolan’s producer and co-host, Ashley Braband, lost their jobs.

One employee who did not lose his job, thanks to a new five-year deal that will reportedly pay him close to $8 million per year is First Take star Stephen A. Smith.

On Monday, one sports fan on Twitter directed his anger with the layoffs at Smith, blaming him and his high salary for other people losing their jobs.

“ESPN laying off talented people to pay for fat salaries like Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to embarrass the platform is saddening,” wrote the fan in a since-hidden tweet.

Smith took great exception to being blamed for the layoffs at ESPN and fired back with a tweet of his own.

“You might be able to get over it if you’d done your damn homework,” Smith shot back. “I generate revenue clown. I bring money to help KEEP JOBS, not lose them. Know who the F&^%$ you’re talking about before opening your mouth. If you didn’t know you should’ve asked somebody.”

Smith may have a point there. If he didn’t bring in enough money to pay his salary, ESPN certainly wouldn’t be paying him that much, right?

Reactions to Smith’s fiery response were for the most part in favor of the vociferous sports talk show host.

Like I said, for the most part.

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