Team Mexico Fans Turn On Each Other In An Intense Civil War Brawl At The Mexico-USA Soccer Game

………U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

And we thought our country was divided. Shit, sad day for Mexico. They should fly their flags at half mast today. Showing this kind of dissension to the world in an atmosphere that is supposed to bond nationalities together cannot bode well for their nation in the political and socioeconomic landscape.

If I’m attending the Olympics or any event where the U.S. is taking on the world, all U.S. citizens are my friends. You best believe I’m dapping up that pharma douchebag who raised the price of the AIDs drug if he’s sitting in my section. Oh is that the UConn mac ‘n cheese dickbag? I’m going to go buy him a brew. A Budweiser. Why? Because we’re both imperfect but we’re still American as fuck.


Great eats though, Mexico. Keep it up.