Top Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann Wows Her Fans With New Pics From The Court

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The last time we checked in on popular tennis influencer Rachel Stuhlmann, the “Paige Spiranac of tennis” was going viral on social media for attending a NHL game.

During the game, as the cameraman took a shot of the crowd, he just so happened to lock on to Stuhlmann cheering in the stands.

“There they are. I mean there I am,” she joked in the comments of the Twitter video.

Stuhlmann, who has compared herself to Paige Spiranac on multiple occasions, is following the popular golf influencer’s blueprint to the letter.

Like Paige, she too played a sport at the D1 level, only for her it was tennis at the University of Missouri.

A few months back, she launched her own website where she share her journey through travel updates/newsletters, partnership highlights, and merch.

“Dubbed the World’s No. 1 Tennis Influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann has impacted the tennis industry with her dedication and hard work within the game,” the website reads. “With her tennis knowledge, passion for the sport, and entrepreneurial approach, Rachel has paved a pathway that has never been traveled in the tennis world.”

Now, after seeing the success of Spiranac’s subscription-based website,, Rachel is reportedly about a month away from launching her own pay site called LoveRachel.

Fans can currently get early access on

Meanwhile, like any good social media influencer, Rachel Stuhlmann is banging away, continuing to build her brand with new pics and videos on Instagram, Twitter, and to a lesser extent, TikTok.

“Queen of the court,” Stuhlmann wrote in the description to a new photo she posted over the weekend.

On her previous Instagram photo, Rachel answered a few questions from fans.

“Hi friends,” Stuhlmann wrote. “Here are answers to some [tennis emoji] questions I’ve been asked recently:

“1. Yes I think Hawkeye is good for the game and think it’s a good move to have at all tournaments.

“2. I like pickleball- I think in different ways it’s good for tennis. I like that it makes people happy and active. Also the pickleball community is like a big family which is awesome.

“3. No, I don’t think we should go back to ball kids carrying the towels over to the players.

“4. I got Carlos Alcaraz or Novak Djokovic and Elena Rybakina for year end No. 1.

“5. Yes I know my brand is on the ‘edgier’ side. And I own it. The game needs to move forward, and I’m happy to play my part.”

Based on her number of followers and responses to her posts, she isn’t the only one happy that she is playing her part.

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