Utterly Bizarre 2004 MNF Promo Featuring T.O. And The Desperate Housewives Goes Viral

MNF Promo Featuring T.O. And The Desperate Housewives Goes Viral


It’s difficult to describe to those who weren’t around just how weird the early 2000s were. They were sort of in-between years between the nostalgia of the 90s and the impending future of the smartphone revolution.

Music was weird — Nelly was wearing a band-aid on his face. Movies were weird — the superhero films at the time were things like Blade 2 and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Sports certainly weren’t immune from the absurdity of the early 2000s, either, as evidenced by this recent viral video of a Monday Night Football promo featuring Terrell Owens and the actresses from Desperate Housewives.

2004 Monday Night Football promo featuring Terrell Owens and some of the actresses from Desperate Housewives goes viral

The promo features Owens in the Philadelphia Eagles locker room as he encounters Nicollette Sheridan as her Desperate Housewives character Edie. Edie, needing to take a “long, hot shower” because her “house burned down”, eventually drops her robe in front of T.O. as the two embrace. Then, the camera cuts and reveals fellow Desperate Housewives actresses Teri Hatcher and Felicity Huffman sitting on the couch, wondering “who watches this trash?” before changing the channel to Monday Night Football.

“What a time this was. A totally different world back then,” commented one Twitter user.

“The NFL was wild for this commercial,” expressed another.

“We really lived in a different world in the early turn of the century,” noticed another.

It’s difficult to imagine a cross-promotion between NFL football and a shlocky cable drama happening these days, let alone one as risque (for primetime television) as this.

The early 2000s, man — they really were built different. Maybe we had it better than we realized.

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