Terry Bradshaw Under Fire For Postgame Comment To Andy Reid

Terry Bradshaw on set.

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Terry Bradshaw is catching flak for a postgame comment made to Kansas City head coach Andy Reid after Super Bowl LVII. The remark jabbed at Reid’s weight, and many viewers became immediately upset upon hearing it.

Now, the words have gone viral with fans on both sides posting reactions.

The Chiefs won an exciting Super Bowl matchup against the Eagles, escaping Arizona with a 38-35 victory. That win included a double-digit second half comeback, as well as a game-winning field goal on the team’s final drive.

After falling behind 24-14 over the first two quarters, Kansas City battled back. Patrick Mahomes found a rhythm on offense, tossing a pair of fourth quarter touchdowns, and the team outscored Philadelphia 24-11 after the halftime break.

The win landed the Chiefs their second Super Bowl title in the last four seasons, and as is tradition after a big win, the team gathered at midfield to celebrate and accept the Lombardi trophy.

FOX’s Terry Bradshaw interviewed head coach Andy Reid following the game, but one comment is being met with criticism.

While trying to get Reid’s attention, he called out for the head coach. He then threw a vicious jab at his weight by telling him to “waddle over” to the microphone for the interview.

Fans were immediately outraged with the remark.

One fan wrote, “Did Terry Bradshaw just tell Andy Reid to ‘waddle on over here’ and basically ask if he’s going to retire after winning two Super Bowls in four years? Come on man.”

Another person commented, “Terry Bradshaw said Andy Reid should ‘waddle over’ to talk to him. What an idiot.”

The reaction to the distasteful statement was far from over.

Many suggested that the broadcaster retire, with one fan calling him a “dinosaur.” Of course, it’s not the first time he’s been involved in controversy on the air.

In fact, many of these same comments surfaced after Terry Bradshaw’s NFC Title Game presentation. More recently, he was heard joking he should die on the set to help FOX improve ratings.

Safe to say fans aren’t happy with the broadcaster.