Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers Debuts New Wrangler Jeans NIL Collab That’s So Ugly It’s Perfect

Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers Debuts New Wrangler Jeans NIL Collab That's So Ugly It's Perfect

Getty Image / Tim Warner

Every so often an NIL partnership comes along that’s perfect. Some recent examples of this would be Hooters signing 51 ‘big uglies’ to NIL deals including one player named ‘Wing’. Or this one from Nebraska’s Decoldest Crawford.

Another perfect NIL partnership to add to the list is Wrangler rolling out a partnership with a bunch of schools to release customized/branded Wrangler gear. The list of schools includes the University of Texas, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, Florida State, Texas A&M, University of Florida, and others.

One aspect of this new Wrangler NIL partnership is star players like Texas Longhorns Quinn Ewers will be promoting the gear. This announcement launched with Quinn Ewers showing off the new Texas Wrangler apparel and it’s so hideous it works perfectly. It loos like the result of someone crossing Joe Dirt and Friday Night Lights.

Texas Longhorns QB Quinn Ewers Debuts New Wrangler NIL Collaboration

College Football fans were quick to chime in with ‘Texas is back’ which is really all anyone has to say these days when the Quinn Ewers-led Texas Longhorns come up in conversation…

CFB Fans React To New Wrangler NIL Apparel

Yes, yes he was:

Favre who?

Princeton alumni would actually go nuts for this and wear it ironically. Wrangler would be smart to roll it out:

Guaranteed these fly off the shelves even if some disagree:

Quinn Ewers exudes the look of a man who always has grease or dirt rubbed on his face but nobody bothers telling him:

Oklahoma resuses to be left out of the conversation:

This Quinn Ewers x Wrangler ‘fit is fresh. At some point in the past few years, we crossed the threshold from embracing mullets ironically and it was only a matter of time until that got paired with the Canadian Tuxedo look and Quinn Ewers is the perfect man to bring this look back.

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