The 2019 College Lacrosse All Flow Team – By Division

Greetings, lacrosse fans. If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to another year of the All Flow Team. This year, we are returning to our roots. Flow has never ben just about long hair. It’s the cut. Does it waft? Is it feathered? I will only tell you this; the crispiest, freshest lettuce, and most vomit-inducing mustaches made this cut this time around.

I just need you all to remember that I am only human. Chances are, I missed your homeboy that you thought had the absolutely dopest hair on the team. Take it up with me on Twitter and we can decide who is right.

To see the filthiest lettuce and facial hair and names that college lacrosse has to offer, click on each category below. For the 2018 college lacrosse All Flow Team, click here.