The Golden Ratio – What It Is And How It Can Help You Look Awesome

In the fitness world there exists a perfect body type. A type of body that is so muscular, so aesthetic, and so proportional that men stop dead in their tracks to admire it. Women are careful to come near, because if they step within 10 feet they’ll instantly be impregnated.

This perfect body has broad shoulders, a narrow waist, well-developed legs, and the face can pull off Blue Steel by turning right.

What’s amazing is that this type of body is not only achievable for every single bro out there, they can follow a specific mathematical ratio to ensure that they have the most aesthetic looking body type imaginable.

The Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio was originally conceived by Leonardo Fibonacci, the father of the Fibonacci sequence. Remember in The Da Vinci Code, this sequence has massive significance.

Fibonacci, when creating the Fibonacci sequence began noticing a specific ratio showing up all over nature. Whether Fibonacci looked at flower petals, pinecones, tree branches, or shells. They all involved The Golden Ratio.

Famous buildings throughout history like the Parthenon have The Golden Ratio defining exactly how they were built, and the proportions used.

The sculptors at the time of the Parthenon knew of The Golden Ratio, and they used it when creating sculptures of men. Ever notice how in ancient Greece and Rome all the sculptures are jacked, shredded, and aesthetic as fuck? There’s a reason for this.

What is The Golden Ratio.

The Golden Ratio is 1:1.618. This shows up all over the human body. From the hand/forearm relationship, the face forms a golden rectangle, with the ratio defining the length of its sides.

Why is The Golden Ratio attractive at all?

In as simple terms as possible, we’re evolutionarily hardwired to love the look of The Golden Ratio. It represents perfect symmetry, virility, and strength. When a woman looks at a guy with broad shoulders, a narrow waist, or an overall x shaped physique.

The Golden Ratio is a mathematical way to ensure that your physique has the most evolutionarily attractive look imaginable.

The Golden Ratio to training and building a great body.

When it comes to training, we do it to change our body and change ourselves. We want to look better and feel better. Applying The Golden Ratio to your body is possible, it just can’t be done everywhere.

Specifically, when talking about training and The Golden Ratio men should worry about one relationship in particular, the relationship between your shoulders and waist.

Broad shoulders and a narrow waist means a ton from an evolutionary perspective. We’ve gone over that. It also just looks fucking cool, and makes you feel great.

When applying The Golden Ratio to the relationship between shoulders and waist, here’s what it looks like:

Say we’ve got a dude who has a 30inch waist. He’s fairly lean, probably around 10% body fat or so. This guy doesn’t have a large upper body, though. His shoulders measure at 46inches.

So we divide 30inches by 46inches, and we get: 1.53 repeating. Meaning his ratio is 1:1.53.

This guy isn’t far off, but with some serious focus on building bigger upper back, chest, and shoulders it could pay serious dividends for him. For him to have the “ultimate” physique, he would need his shoulder measurements to be 48.54inches.

So he needs to add 2 inches of width to his shoulders. Not a lot, but enough that it will require some serious training.

How do you apply The Golden Ratio?

Using The Golden Ratio isn’t a rule you absolutely have to follow. It’s merely a suggestion based on what math says is the most attractive looking body, and using a number that’s found all over nature.

Building a body using this number is basically just adhering to what nature says is really really ridiculously good looking.

If you want to apply this to your body, then the most important thing you can do is get measurements taken. Measure your waist and shoulders, this is a must. Also measure your chest, arms, thighs, and calves.

Once you’ve gotten these measurements, use your shoulder/waist relationship to dictate what you’re doing next. If you’re a guy who has a 30inch waist, it’s not going to make a ton of sense for you to drop size from your waist to meet the magic 1.618.

On the flip side, if you’re a barrel chested fella with 50inch shoulders, but a 36inch waist, it’ll probably make more sense for you to drop size from your waist than it would to try and build up even bigger shoulders.

Once you’ve gotten the idea of where your shoulder/waist relationship needs to be, then you can also start setting goals for your arms, chest, and calves. If the other relationship is taken care of, these tend to fall in line as well.

The Golden Ratio isn’t a requirement. You can look however you want to look. Though it is a strong suggestion by nature, basically saying that if you want to look aesthetic as fuck and have the ultimate physique, there’s a formula to be followed.