Tiger Woods Couldn’t Help But Chuckle After Incredibly Relatable Moment On The Range At The Masters

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If you have ever been to the driving range at the golf course, you have tried to hit the range picker. The tractor, designed to pick up all of the golf balls on the range, drives around a few times a day to ensure that there are enough balls to be hit by the golfers.

Pretty self explanatory.

Whenever the picker is out on the range, there is an unspoken game that unfolds amongst those with clubs in their hands. The goal is to hit the picker.

While some people may argue that it’s a great way to work on accuracy, it’s more so because it’s fun. Every golfer to every golf has tried.

That doesn’t exclude the greatest of all-time. Tiger Woods was on the range at Augusta National Golf Club on Tuesday morning and could not help but laugh as he, likely unintentionally, partook in an incredibly relatable golf moment.

As Woods was getting in his hacks, the picker was out on the range. One of his iron shots just so happened to get enough loft and enough of a lead on the picker that it landed directly on top of the cab.

The crowd in attendance, which was rather large for a range session on Tuesday, loved it. As did Tiger, who visibly chuckled at the shot and the fan reaction.

Tiger Woods may be the greatest to ever do it, but he’s just like the rest of us.