Tim Kurkjian’s Sharing Some Rad Golf Stories That Include Tiger Woods, John Smoltz And George Brett, Among Others

tim kurkjian of ESPN's sharing awesome golf stories on Twitter involving baseball players

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Tim Kurkjian’s one of the best people in all of sports. The amount of enthusiasm that ol’ Timmy has for baseball is one of the most refreshing things on planet earth, as he’s a total stat geek who can basically remember the most absurd details about what happened in the 4th inning of the 1934 World Series. It’s impressive, and a little crazy, but, hey, it’s one of the things that makes Kurkjian so damn likable.

Given the amount of knowledge that Tim Kurkjian has and the stories he’s made during his longtime broadcast career, it’s not surprising that he’s sharing a few of them with us today, taking to Twitter to go into detail about guys like George Brett, John Smoltz and, because he’s just coming off his fifth Masters victory and 15th major title overall, Tiger Woods. Kurkjian, who routinely shares certain things like this on his Twitter account each Friday using the hashtag #BestOfAllTim, gave us some glorious recounts of MLB players on the golf course today, and, man, were they awesome. Take a look at some of the things Kurkjian shared below, which he admitted was inspired by Woods’ iconic victory at Augusta last Sunday.

That story about George Brett is f*cking legendary. Dude’s hobbling around on crutches on the golf course with his former teammates just to play around and, just when they thought he’d be the butt of their joke by hitting into his group, dude goes nasty on them by sending their golf ball back by smashing it with his crutch. Wonder how much beer, if any, was involved in this? Actually, f*ck that, if there was any beer involved it wouldn’t make the story as great, because imagining Brett being able to do this cold sober makes it even more badass.

While Tim Kurkjian might be a little obsessive with his baseball knowledge and stories, it’s times like these where I wish I could grab a cigar, a nice bottle of whisky and just sit back and let him tell a bunch of them. Dude’s all-time, and these stories are the latest reason as proof.


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