Tom Brady Has Weighed In On The 49ers Quarterback Situation

The San Francisco 49ers Just Got The Worst Possible News On Brock Purdy's injury

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After making it through the 2022 NFL season as one of the league’s best teams despite a litany of injuries to the quarterback position, the San Francisco 49ers’ ability to overcome signal-caller setbacks ran out in the NFC Championship game.

Not only did the Niners lose Brock Purdy — a rookie who entered the season as the team’s third-string QB — but they also lost journeyman Josh Johnson as well, which forced them to abandon the passing game entirely.

Given that they were taking on the high-flying Philadelphia Eagles, the Niners’ were basically cooked once they lost Johnson.

Speaking on his podcast this week, Tom Brady — who just so happens to be potentially looking for a new job this season — weighed in on the Niners’ QB situation and said that they had “no chance” of beating the Eagles.

“Injuries play a role in every game and your margin of error changes quite a bit. Obviously San Fran had, you know, really no chance to compete yesterday,” Brady said.

“That was tough just to see that happen, but at the same time, it’s the reality of the sport. Philly deserved it. They had an incredible season. They played well on defense. They forced that pass and the injury to Brock [Purdy] there on his wrist or his elbow.”

Brady elaborated further, making sure to point out that Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are both dealing with injuries at this point in the season, as well:

“It’s truly part of the sport. It’s a contact sport, and that’s why it’s a demolition derby. And that’s why, you know, all these games are somewhat unpredictable. You go to the Super Bowl, Patrick [Mahomes has] had a sprained ankle, Jalen [Hurts has] had a hurt shoulder. Anything can happen in the first quarter of the game, and of course it’s going to affect the outcome. So if you’re relegated to handing the ball off down 28 points or whatever it was there in the fourth quarter, there’s no chance of coming back at that point.” [via Let’s Go Podcast]

Following the game, reports came out that Purdy suffered a UCL injury that’s set to keep him sidelined for six months.

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