Tom Brady Speaks Out Against Cancel Culture And Why Expectations For Perfection Are ‘Unfortunate’

by 10 months ago

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In January 2017, after 15 years as one of the most famous athletes on the planet, Tom Brady joined Instagram.

In 470 posts and 6.5 million followers since, Brady’s account is brimming with endearing family photos, supremely edited workout videos, and inspirational visuals. It is the very definition of brand-safe mixed with a healthy portion of dad humor. All-in-all one of my favorite follows.

Brady, who has always been particularly terse over existential and political matters, appeared on the Greg Hill Show to offer rare insight on how he uses his social media as a beacon of positivity rather than a medium to exacerbate the “unfortunate” cancel culture that is omnipresent in modern society.

“I don’t know if it’s rules, but I think there’s a specific point of view. I try to make mine a reflection of who I am and what I care about. As a public figure, there’s a responsibility to try to do the right thing. Life is challenging. I don’t think anybody is perfect. I think it’s a little unfortunate in the world today, the expectations are perfection for people. And then when we’re less than that, there’s so much blame and shame. I think that’s a hard thing about our culture today. We’re almost asking people to be inhuman. There’s nothing you can do without the utmost scrutiny and everyone wants to see everyone raked over the coals.

I think that part is really challenging as a parents for your kids, you’re trying to teach them, but you realize people learn from their mistakes. As a society today, it’s a very challenging time. From my standpoint on social media, it’s just about trying to pass on or convey messages that I feel are either fun or something inspiring. I’m a very positive person and I try to keep my social media that way. That’s my point of view. That’s how I choose to go through life.”

Are there people who hate this man outside of his success on the field? Sheesh.

After reading this, I made the same face this security guard did upon seeing TB12 for the first time.


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