Tom Brady Savagely Tricked Patriots Fans’ Into Getting Their Hopes Up About Gronk Returning To Football

Tom Brady Tricked Fans Into Thinking Rob Gronkowski Was Coming Back

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is low-key a very evil person. Actually, I take that back. He isn’t even all that low-key about it. Just ask these women and children.

So it’s really not much a surprise to see TB12 toying with his fanbase’s emotions on Thursday by trolling a bunch of Patriots fans into believing that he was hyping up the return of his now retired star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

On Thursday, Gronk’s brother Chris posted a photo of himself and Rob announcing a new partnership between their company and Brady’s TB12 brand.

Brady, as he often does, saw a golden opportunity and grabbed it, commented, “Reunited and it feels so good!”

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your stance regarding the New England Patriots and their fans, this is all that many people saw…

Tom Brady Tricked Fans Thinking Rob Gronkowski Was Coming Back

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And that was all it took to send some Patriots fans into full meltdown thinking that all the talk of Gronk returning for a playoff run had come true.

If these folks had just read the entire thread this is what they would have seen.

Too funny.

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