These UAB Football Uniforms Honor Children’s Hospital Patients To Help Tackle Cancer (And It’s Awesome)

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F*ck cancer! F*ck cancer so incredibly hard — especially when cancer hits a kid, who can’t do, you know, kid things. It’s heartbreaking to think that anyone needs to go through the pain of fighting cancer, but, when it’s a kid, it just makes you wonder why it’s happening to him or her. Point blank: It just seems unfair.

Thankfully, there are sports to help bring attention and support to pediatric cancer, and the latest example of it is the UAB football team, who, for the second season in a row, will be wearing special uniforms that honor children’s hospital patients during this weekend’s Homecoming Game against North Texas. And, while this gesture may not be immediate research to help fund programs to cure cancer, it’s an awesome way to raise awareness and help lead people to donate.

Check out the uniforms UAB Football will be donning this weekend.

As mentioned, the UAB football team did this last year, too, which has players wearing the last name of a kid who’s, unfortunately, fighting for his or her life as a patient at Children’s Harbor Hospital, which is located in Birmingham. Here’s a short video of how the gesture impacted so many people last year.

For those interested in supporting the cause and donating to Children’s Harbor Hospital, you can do so here. Hey, even something small can help, so cut out a beer or two this weekend and give $10 if you want.

The UAB Homecoming uniforms is just the latest example of a college football team doing something to help support the fight against cancer. Just last week, the Miami (OH) squad had players don helmets with different ribbons representing various cancer types, with the players choosing one that has impacted them somehow.

While there may be strict uniform and celebration policies in sports on all different levels, it’s totally awesome to see leagues give the thumbs up to teams doing important things like this. Kudos to UAB football… now excuse me as I wipe the saline from my eyes.

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