UMass Guard Attributes Dropping 40 Points In One Game To Mom Doing Something DRASTIC To Get His Head Straight

UMass guard Trey Davis had a career night against New Orleans on Wednesday. The senior dropped 40 points, one shy of the school record, and set a new school record for the most points in a game. This game off a horrendous game a couple days before and Davis’s performances were night and day.

When asked about his record-setting night, Davis didn’t attribute his success to more practice, more preparation or a sudden urge to dominate. He credited his mom. She got so pissed about his last game that she shut his cell phone off.

“Man, my mom turned my phone off after the game we just lost,” Davis, who made 18 straight free throws in Wednesday night’s win, said. “She was mad. Talking about my free throws and all this other stuff.

“She said ‘Why are you missing free throws and all these jump shots?’ So she just turned my phone off and she told me ‘Get it together.'”

With no cell service, Davis had to work WiFi only or, you know, concentrate on basketball.

Davis’s performance did earn him a reward.

“First I was mad, but then I just accepted it,” he said. “Now, she just texted me and the phone’s back on. We’re good now.”

[via Mass Live]

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