Massive Man Vince Wilfork Gives A+ Response When People Ask If He Plays Football For A Living

Houston Texans defender Vince Wilfork stands 6’2″ and weighs an incredible 325 pounds, so it’s hard not to look at him and wonder if he plays football or not. The fact that he still gets asked if he does is actually more ridiculous than anything else, if you ask me.

That’s besides the point, though, because for those idiots who don’t recognize him from being on the gridiron, Wilfork and his wife told ESPN that ol’ dude straight up lies to them, telling those people that he’s a gynecologist instead.


“True fans and guys who follow the sport, they know who I am,” Wilfork said. “But sometimes I do get those people that look at me and kind of stop and just stare at me, which I hate.”

Bianca noted that her husband has a great response saved for those who ask if he plays football.

“They’ll say, ‘Do you play ball?’ And he’ll tell them no, he’s a gynecologist,” she said.

“Yes,” Vince added, “that’s what I do.”

Butting heads every 45 seconds or so with other large men might take a toll on a person’s body—especially given all the CTE research that’s coming out now—but if there’s one profession that would scar me for life even more, it’s being a gynecologist, so this is pretty funny stuff from Wilfork.

[H/T The Score]

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