Ex-UFC Champ Wants To Punch Sean O’Malley In The Face For Openly Cheating On His Wife

Sean O'Malley

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Former UFC champ Vitor Belfort is not a fan of Sean O’Malley.

Last week, O’Malley caused an uproar when he revealed that he’s allowed to cheat on his wife, but she can’t hook up with other men because “he pays for everything.”

Apparently, Belfort is offended by O’Malley’s open marriage and has now challenged the much smaller O’Malley to a fist fight.

Reading this deeply saddened me. It’s disheartening to see that many professional athletes end up with multiple ex-wives due to such behaviors. You serve as a negative role model for this generation. I genuinely hope that one day you reflect upon and change this terrible behavior. While you may be a great fighter, your actions as a father and husband are deplorable. Realize that a man who lacks respect for his wife and the mother of his children can never be a good father.
I would love to punch your ugly face in a boxing match.
Your uncle @danawhite will never let be possible, But all the women would purchase the pay-per-view
To see the whooping that I will give you. #Disappointed #RoleModel #Respect #Fatherhood

O’Malley responded to the backlash to his open marriage in his most recent podcast appearance, in which he says that his unique relationship with his wife works for them.

O’Malley and Belfort will probably never fight in a sanctioned match considering Belfort probably outweighs him by over 70 pounds.

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