Most Honest Bandwagon Fan Admits He Only Became A Nationals Fan After They Made It To The World Series

Bandwagon sports fan admits he only became a Washington Nationals fan after they won the National League Championship and punched their ticket to the World Series.

Getty Image / Rob Carr / Staff

The Washington Nationals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals by a score of 7-4, on Tuesday night, completing their four-game sweep in the National League Championship Series. The easy victory punched Washington’s ticket to the World Series, their first since 1933. Nationals fans in Washington D.C. couldn’t be more excited to see the Nationals win the pennant, even Nationals fans who only became Nationals fans when the last out was made.

The TV reporter asked a man: “How long you been a Nats fan for?” And the big sports fan quickly replied: “Since today!”

You have to respect this gentleman’s honesty. He completely admits that he wasn’t a Nationals fan until Cardinals shortstop Tommy Edman, who represented the tying run in the top of the ninth, flew out to Victor Robles in center field, which enabled the Nationals to go to the World Series.

D.C. could be one of America’s cities with the highest concentration of bandwagon fans since it has so many people from around the country moving into the area for their job in politics.

But Nationals fans, like real Nationals fans, have been rooting for their lovable bunch of losers since the days of Mike Bacsik, Lastings Milledge, Austin Kearns’ contract, Scott Olsen injuries, the promise of Elijah Dukes.

Being a real Washington D.C. baseball fan has been tough for decades. In the span of 11 years, Washington D.C. lost two baseball franchises that moved out of the nation’s capital. In 1960, the Washington Senators bolted out of D.C. and became the Minnesota Twins. That team was replaced by an expansion Washington Senators team in 1961, only for the team to leave the city in 1972 and become the Texas Rangers.

So bandwagon Washington Nationals fans will cheer for their team, unless they lose in the World Series, and then they can conveniently become Houston Astros or New York Yankees fans.