Watch Wayne Gretzky Adorably Teach His 11-Month Old Grandson The Basics Of Hockey

Getty Image

NHL legend Wayne Gretzky is ensuring that his 11-month old grandson, Tatum, WILL play hockey and simply treat golf as a hobby, unlike Tatum’s father, PGA golfer Dustin Johnson.

Behold, Exhibit A:

That video was posted exactly one week ago. Yesterday, we got an update. As you can see, the joy and simplicity has already turned into straight FIRE.

You have to appreciate the patience of Coach Gretzky as well as the feisty determination already being shown by little Tatum, who clearly prefers to hold his own hockey stick and would very much prefer not to be bothered with assistance in technique.

Once he realizes grandpa is the greatest hockey player to ever put on skates, I’m guessing his attitude will shift dramatically. But right now, this is Tatum’s show and The Great One just happens to be the guy with the best seat in the house.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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