Week 7 NFL Fashion Review: Stefon Diggs Is Probably Trolling Us And It’s Glorious

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Well, here we are, in the thick of it, otherwise known as Week 7 of the NFL season where Sir Thomas doesn’t even play until Monday night.

So does anyone know what that kind of ripple effect even mean? I’ll tell you what it means.

This tweet is what it means.

Gross! And really not helping my case.

Anyway, the absence of the Panthers, Browns, Steelers and Bucs really meant just one thing:

Sad! But let’s be real for a biting moment. No Cam is a really shitty existence.

The big question though — and we need to be sensitive to this — is it possible that Aaron Rodgers ever smiles again?

Sad! One could argue, or yell, “come on man, he’s just focused before the game!”

Uh yeah, NO. Let’s see if we can improve on the beautiful mess that IS Aaron Rodgers.

So anyway, with the signature gusto of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, whaddya say, let’s get after it!

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Stefon Diggs

You serious, Clark? Wow, Big Money shouldn’t automatically transition to mean Big Stupid. But here we are.

Cheat Sheet: I love everything about this.

Gardner Minshew

Does Gardner Minshew give one single fuck about his fashion choices? No. No, he does not. This dude exudes the fire and confidence of a modern-day Doc  Holliday without the bullets.

But in all seriousness, it’s clear that our boy Gardner flat-out yeans to Rip to be in the very great Yellowstone. Don’t we all.

Aaron Rodgers

Happy? Most definitely not. An “I’m Aaron Rodgers And You Aren’t”? No doubt.

Everything about this getup pretty much blows, but ya’ gotta appreciate the confidence.

Patrick Mahomes

Let’s just hope this enjoyable king remains king. We need ya’ buddy.

Sensational look, too.

Tom Brady

Just what in the holy hell is this? After all that praise in the intro and this is what we get?

Excessive Teeth Whitening has never seen such a burst, sure, but come on Tommy, do better.

UPDATE: I take it alllllllllll back. What a smooth legend.

Dak Prescott

This is the smirk of a man who just took a fiery dump on the Eagles. So, why Dak went with “we’re going with distinct chalk lines and I’ll BopwerBomb anyone who says otherwise” we’ll never know. And don’t want to. Though I must, that jack is eletric.

NOTE: Contradicting yourself — a “self own” as the kids say — should be celevarted.

DeAndre Hopkins


This is probably the greatest “worlds apart” photo that we’ll sell all season. Unbelievable. This shot could be discussed and examined for hours. Or we could just go ahead and just say that the inner workings of DeAndre Hopkins are basically hidden inside a secret cartoon. Makes sense.

Aaron Jones

Yup yup, Aaron Jones absolutely needed to be pulled from this blistering collage because his smile could stop a war and those Air Jordan 6 x Travis Scott do so much talkin; without any talkin’.

Are those Packers-branded AJs? Good god. Dude’s been in the league for a minute and already owning earth.

The Seahawks

No idea who these guys are and no one should really care because pictures 3 and 4 already have me on Amazon.

Marlon Humphrey

Who is Marlon Humphrey? Great question, I asked myself the same, but he’s on the radar now.

He apparently plays for the Ravens and Baltimore won 30-16. Humphrey’s jacket, sadly, was shutout 96-3.

Julio Jones

Kinda loved it at first glance but those try-hard sneakers are annoying.

Zeke Elliott

Yes, it looks like Zeke needs a toilet but GOOD GOD DAMN that suit owns life (and the Eagles).

Sam Zing GIF by Big Brother - Find & Share on GIPHY

It kinda was.

Tyrod Taylor

For a guy who sees the field as much as I do, Tyrod Taylor just rips through the clutter.

Pret-tay pret-tay pret-tay cool sweater, man.

Jalen Mills

Travis Kelce

Simply put, we’re at Week 7 and I’ve been waiting IMPATIENTLY waiting for a Trace Kelce bomb. Safe to say, as twisted as those words are when strung together, the bomb is here.

Yes, Kelce is being pulled from that jun — and this junk — to celebrate a fur coat for the ages.

Emmanuel Sanders

When you wear a Gucci print hoodie and you follow through with the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 dunk, chances are you’ll be here and be celebrated with gusto.

Joe Flacco

I mean, jesus christ. It’s great but it’s equally awful. There’s a happy place in the middle, kids, and this IS NOT IT. #BeardLeadership

Kirk Cousins

It would be annoying if each week went without a Peaky Blinders reference — Spoiler: It won’t — but our buddy Kirk seriously looks like he just placed a bet at the track that could change the course of time.

Yikes. Confidence Level: 0.0000001/10

Mason Crosby?!?

In short, a mess. In long, a mess. If you’re gonna embrace the “crazy kicker” role, ya’ gotta go full stop or just be a kicker in a Packers hat. There is truly no in-between.

Phillip Lindsay

Phillip Lindsay’s story is amazing and he damn well knows he’s livin’ the dream. Additionally and expectedly unrelated, his hair is off the fucking charts.

Dalton Risner & Ronald Leary

Broncos offensive linemen Dalton Risner & Ronald Leary are probably the greatest TagTeam Chamiopns of the wooooorld. Which, really is to say…

Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer is constantly confronting the hardest ski slope in the world.

Gotta be honest though, I sincerely love it.

Bill Belichick

“Yes, I’m the shit and you’re absolutely not.”

I cherish this man.

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