Cam Newton Explains How His ‘Aura’ Played A Key Role In The Patriots Releasing Him And Addresses Playbook Rumors In Interview

why Cam Newton released patriots interview


  • Cam Newton sat down to share his thoughts after being released by the Patriots
  • The quarterback said his “aura” played a key role and denied rumors Mac Jones had to teach him the playbook
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Earlier this week, unemployed fashion influencer Cam Newton advised NFL fans to stay tuned for some news he was planning to drop on what he dubbed “FÜŃK¥ FRĮDÂ¥” (which translates to “Funky Friday” for anyone who isn’t fluent in Cam Newton Instagramese).

Well, the big day has finally arrived, and Newton celebrated the occasion by dropping an interview conducted by his father that he released in the hopes of “clearing the air” in the wake of his release from the New England Patriots.

When the quarterback was cut to usher in the start of the Mac Jones Era in Foxborough, people were more than happy to float theories about the real reason he failed to make the final roster—including plenty of speculation his decision to not get vaccinated played a role.

However, based on what Newton had to say, his “aura” was really the biggest factor in the team’s decision to cut ties with the veteran quarterback after deciding to go all-in on the rookie, implying he would’ve been an unnecessary distraction if he’d stayed on as a backup to Jones.

Newton also fired back at Rob Ninkovich while vehemently denying the report Jones had to help him learn the Patriots playbook. He admitted the team had to “dumb it down” for him due to his underwhelming performance last year, and while it’s obvious he has no ill will toward his successor, he took issue with the suggestion there was anything he could really learn from the rookie QB.

He also addressed the aforementioned vaccine issue and the testing snafu that resulted in him being forced to sit out from training camp for five days, saying he made sure to get approval from the team’s doctors before getting the screening only to discover he’d been misled.

It’s still unclear what the future holds for Cam Newton, but it’s very, very obvious we haven’t seen the last of him.

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