Legendary Climber Will Gadd Discusses His Early Obsession With Mountain Running And How To Prepare Mentally For Any Challenge

We Run This #12

Red Bull / BroBible

In February 2020, legendary ice climber Will Gadd traveled to Kilimanjaro planning to be the last person to climb the iconic Messner route before it melted out forever.

Instead, after witnessing firsthand the ice decline of Kilimanjaro, Gadd left in shock with a newfound responsibility to educate others on the global impacts of climate change.

This week, Red Bull launches an all-new adventure documentary titled “The Last Ascent” which follows legendary ice climber Will Gadd’s return to Kilimanjaro, spotlighting the drastic impact of climate change and rapid ice glacier melting on Africa’s highest point.

Gadd, a Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championship winner and 3 time X Games winner talked to us about the new documentary, his motivation for venturing places man has never been, his early obsession with mountain running, and how to overcome mental hurdles.


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