Every Episode Of WWE ‘Raw’ Gets So Much Food Delivered It’s A Wonder There’s Not A Country-Wide Famine

by 5 years ago


WGNO New Orleans was given a peek behind the curtain at OZ and allowed access to secret WWE files. Eh, not really, they just sent some local reporter who I thought was Kofi Kingston at first and he just asked WWE brass “what the hell does it cost to run a weekly live show?”

The answer is quite fascinating.

For the actual production of Raw, WWE needs — 33,000 feet of cable (roughly 6 miles), 16 Trucks, 2 television trucks, a generator truck, over 100 local crew members hired per show, 80,000 individual bulbs for the HD set, 48 speakers, 2,800 pieces of pyro and over a mile of pyro cable. That’s EVERY WEEK.

As for food, here’s what it takes to feed all those wrestlers, workers, staff and random people hanging around backstage.

  • 65 cases of water
  • 180 lbs of chicken
  • 150 lbs of beef or pork
  • 5 gallons of rice
  • 15 gallons of soup
  • 100 lbs of potatoes
  • 6 – 8 cases of vegetables
  • 40 cases of soda
  • 500 cookies
  • 10 cakes
  • 6 pies
  • 3 cases of energy drinks

The 500 cookies are just for Mark Henry. Luckily, Triple H packs his own lunch.


[via WGNO]