Behold, the Ultimate Yinzer Tattoo Tribute to the City of Pittsburgh

by 4 years ago


People from Pittsburgh just lovvvvvveeee gushing about how great their city is. “Super Bowls! Urban-reclaimed steel mills turned to art galleries! Heinz ketchup! The Incline! Perks of Being a Wall Flower! Andy Warhol (who hated it there and left for New York)! Uh.. Kennywood? 

In the wake of the drunk country music shitshow at Heinz Field, Deadspin obtained a pic of the most Yinzer tattoo ever. Samer Kalaf says “Our tipster said that this Yinzer was on Facebook ranting about the sloppy Yinzers who trashed Pittsburgh at last weekend’s Luke Bryan concert. He’s not an average Yinzer. He’s a Yinzer who cares, dammit.”  

I have to point out that it’s missing a couple of things, though:

1. A greasy turkey sandwich stuffed with french fries

2. The Sheetz logo.

3. A Heinz ketcup bottle.

4. A 26-year-olds who still brag about their SAT scores and claim that Duquesne University “is pretty much an Ivy.”

5. The steps of Allderdice High School with Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa’s portrait in the clouds above it.

6. Complaints about how Philadelphians are trash.

7. Complaints about “yinz Caps fans are scum.”

8. Complaints about how people from Baltimore have STDs.

9.  Michael Douglas wearing a bathrobe in Wonder Boys (“It’s actually a really deep movie!” – Freshman University of Pittsburgh Liberal Arts student)


10. Bitter little brother syndrome.


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