Here Is How To Get An Invitation To Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa’s Epic 50th Birthday Bash


Lisa Wilson is turning 50 next month. The mother of Zach, Josh, Micah, Isaac, Whitney and Sophie is one of the most famous moms in the world at the moment and she is set to celebrate in style.

As someone who loves to throw parties, Lisa decided a few years ago that she would make her birthday about something bigger than herself. She has a significant platform, with more than 115,000 followers on Instagram and has a rather large presence in her community.

As a result, Lisa has thrown her own birthday party for the past few years and ties it into a charity of her choosing. Last year, at her FOMO-inducing ‘sexy casual’ party, she asked her guests to bring a donation for Sister Goods, a charity that helps women have access to menstrual products.

They ended up filling two huge Suburbans with donations. It was awesome.

This year, Lisa is going even bigger. She is moving the party from her house (which is major goals) to a beautiful, spacious event space in Sandy, Utah, about 20 minutes away.

As is per usual, only women will be invited. Sorry fellas.

This year’s party will have dinner served and will be hosted by Lisa’s favorite DJ, Ricky Barrera. Guests are encouraged to bring their “favorite lippie” to exchange and are asked to wear black or pink

In lieu of gifts for Lisa, she is asking that her guests consider donating to Baby Boss Retreats. The retreats are held for victims of sexual grooming and abuse.


How can you get on the Lisa Wilson birthday party guest list?!

Lisa is inviting a lot of her friends to her party. It will be a big group and you — if you are a woman — can be invited!

Over the weekend, Lisa let her followers know how they can get on the list.

“In order to be invited to the Birthday Bash, you have to be a friend or you have to come to one of my classes to get an invite.”

Lisa is a fitness instructor at a local fitness studio in Draper. She teaches ‘Dance Club Cardio’ and ‘Bodybeat Cycle.’

She, in turn, has used her Birthday Bash guest list as a marketing tool. To get an invite, you must attend one of her classes.


As of now, the date for Lisa’s party has not been announced. It was held in early August last year and it looked like an absolute blast.

Whether you are in the Draper, Utah area or not, you should get on the list. It’s the event of the year and you don’t want to miss out.

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