Here’s A Dude Skateboarding Down The Roads Of Colorado AT 70MPH Because He’s Insane


YouTube / venombushings

There’s no reason that any sane person would have to want to bomb down the roads of Colorado on a skateboard at speeds reaching 70-miles-per-hour, none at all. Zak Maytum is a badass skater, but he should probably be put in a mental institution for his latest video. As you can see in the video below Zak’s tearing down some backwoods highway of Colorado, cruising along at speeds nearing 70mph, and he’s doing so without wearing any significant body armor. Even the craziest skaters out there would insist on wearing a full-fledged motorcycle jacket before pulling off a stunt like this, but not Zak. Make NO mistake about it: this is the most insane extreme sports stunt you’ll watch this September. He’s wearing virtually no protection at all, which means that a stray penny in the road might have cost him his life:

I’m going to give the, the benefit of the doubt and assume that Zak and his crew cleared the road before attempting this run. Because at those speeds he’d be absolute TOAST if he were to come in contact with a soda can, some road kill, or just about anything on the highway at all. One minor pothole in the road and Zak would’ve gone flying through the air, at 70-miles-per-hour, only to hit the pavement and lose all the skin on his body. It seems only fitting that this video would’ve been set to Metallica’s ‘The Four Horsemen’, because if this was set to the usual GoPro indie music bullsh*t then the video would’ve lost all of its dramatic effect.

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