Why This Pair Of $79 Revtown Jeans Are The Best Pair Of Travel Pants I’ve Ever Owned

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Ever wear an uncomfortable set of pants on a long flight? It’s a form of self-torture like no-other. Your legs scream in agony. Your belt cuts into your waist. You get fidgety. You elbow your neighbors or people in the aisle just to make “adjustments” because of your discomfort. You make excuses to stand up even when you’re in the middle seat and the person in the aisle seat has the trey table down with two drinks on it and has been giving you a hairy eyeball since pushing off from the gate.

There’s a damn good reason why college athletes travel in warm-up sweatpants: Because it’s comfortable. And comfort über alles, even when you have to travel for business and don’t want to get to a meeting looking like you’re coming from the gym.

Flying sucks enough as it is – The last thing you want on a travel day is having it suck even more from a pair of bad pants.

I’ve been there: Once I tried to break in a stiff pair of retail store jeans on a work trip from New York to California. By the time I got in an Uber to my hotel after landing at LAX, my thighs were screaming and my was waist cut up from a snug fit on my IPA-loving body.

I learned real fast how much a difference it makes to travel in truly comfortable jeans. That’s why I’m a huge fanboy of Revtown Jeans.

Revtown has that perfect business casual look that modern men are looking for in a great pair of jeans: Not too loose and not tight, just perfect. They look great with a classic pair of brown shoes or sneaks and a blazer on the top, mastering your perfect biz casual ‘fit.

On top of that, all their jeans are modestly priced at $79.

Trust me: It’s a bargain for how much wear you’ll get out of them.

In addition to looking great, they’re super comfortable

They should be – They were started by a handful of former Under Armour employees that know a thing or two about what makes good athleisure so great.

Their two styles –Sharp and Automatic  – are made from a premium blend called “Decade Denim”, which Revtown says is “made from a premium Italian yarn and infused with four-way, dynamic stretch, and constructed with the strongest fibers in apparel design today.”

Here’s what the means for you: They have the perfect amount of stretch in the fabric without looking sloppy. They’re also extremely breathable down there, which is clutch for long flights where you’re cramped and can’t move for hours.

For the entire month of October, I went on a massive travel spree across the country. I practically lived in airports for three weeks, jumping back and forth between the west coast and the east coast for weddings and work trips, along with cross-country trips to see friends in Nashville, The Bay Area, and elsewhere. Finishing it off? A week-long trip to Vegas for SEMA (…for work) and see Phish (…for pleasure). No sane man should ever be in Vegas for that long.


My pair of dark indigo Revtowns were my saving grace, along for the ride as my go-to pair for every single travel day.

A great travel wardrobe should be comfortable and remarkably unnoticeable – when you’re traveling for work, you never know who you’re going to run into at the airport. Revtown jeans are the perfect pair of travel jeans for that exact reason: You don’t even notice how comfortable you are because you’re just that freakin’ comfortable. 

If you have a busy travel schedule on the docket and you’re sick of pants that feel like how a UFC fighter looks after stepping out of the octagon, I can’t recommend Revtown enough.


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