Runner Will Attempt To Complete Boston Marathon In Custom 3D-Printed Flip-Flops

by 1 year ago

wiivv sandals boston marathon

Monday is the Boston Marathon, where 30,000+ runners will attempt to finish the grueling 26.2 miles. During the 2018 Boston Marathon, one man will attempt to run all of the 26.2 miles in flip-flops. This is not a misprint. One runner will attempt to finish the grueling feat of endurance in 3D-printed flip-flops. My feet hurt just typing that sentence.

Runner Chris Bellamy will attempt to complete the 2018 Boston Marathon in Wiivv flip-flops that are 3D-printed for his epic race. At first notion, you would imagine that Mr. Bellamy will suffer a myriad of callouses because he’ll be running in flip-flops. However, Wiivv will 3D-print flip-flops that fit Bellamy’s exact foot specifications through the company’s specific foot measurements on their smartphone app.

Bellamy attests that the flip-flops are “as comfortable and supportive as just about any athletic shoe.” This is a trial period for Wiivv and Bellamy, and a wider release will happen later this Spring.

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