Expert Explains What Makes Certain Watches Expensive And What To Look For In Luxury Watches

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What makes luxury watches so expensive compared to watches that you might think would be high-end but are actually pretty affordable? That’s the question that will be answered below. This expert goes through and breaks down why some watches are unfathomably expensive and it’s not all about scarcity or popularity, not at all.

Teddy Baldassarre is a watch expert who first caught my attention a few weeks ago when he published a video where he broke down the luxury watches worn by famous athletes like Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and Cristiano Ronaldo. I’ve been following his page ever since and he just put out this intriguing video that breaks down the price of watches in a way that’s really easy to understand.

When shopping for a new watch there are a million different places you can start. The most common place to begin looking for a new watch is usually the price point. For instance, you can search the best watches under $3,000 if you’re looking to spend some coin. Or you can look for the best watches under $500 if you want to spend a decent amount. If you’re looking to stay on the budget side of things you can look up the best watches under $50.

That is the most common way to shop for watches and I get it because the price is usually what determines whether or not the sale is going to happen. But what determines that price? Here’s Teddy explaining why certain watches like a Patek Philippe are so expensive.

There’s so much nuance here and it’s pretty enlightening to hear an expert like this pull back the curtain. You see ‘stainless steel’ on nearly every watch listed on the Internet but the less expensive watches are often made using some sort of cheaper alloy which drives down the price. It’s often the precious metals in these luxury watches which drives up the price so this is definitely something to keep track of.

You also need to pay attention to the types of crystal used in the watch. The most commonly used crystal materials are plexiglass or plastic (the cheapest), mineral crystals/mineral glass, and sapphire crystals. The sapphire crystals are the best against scratches but as he mentions, they’re not great against blunt impacts. Sapphire crystals are often the best indicator of the value of a watch.

He also dives into movements. Quartz versus Mechanical, with the latter being significantly more expensive for all the obvious reasons. I don’t really feel the need to recap every single thing he said in the video because Teddy did a pretty great job at explaining it all. You can check out his Youtube Channel by hitting that link for more videos!