Apple CEO Tim Cook Just Received A Bonus So Large It’ll Make You Want To Puke

Earlier this year, Apple blew everyone’s minds when it was announced the company was worth over $750 BILLION and was on its way to being the first company in the United States worth $1 trillion. Apple is sitting on an insane pile of cash estimated to be around $246 billion.

That amount of spare cash on hand is more than the total value of all but just 13 companies listed on the S&P 500. To put that in context, Apple is worth over $160 billion more than Google, the second most valuable company in America according to CNN Money.

When you’re the CEO of the most valuable company in America, a company that continues to beat earnings projections, you are going to be rewarded handsomely. As part of his compensation package, Apple CEO Tim Cook was just handed an additional 560,000 APPL shares. At the APPL closing value of $159.27, that makes Tim Cook’s latest bonus worth $89,191,200, nearly $90 million. A fucking BONUS of nearly $90 million.

According to Fortune, Tim Cook was given this bonus because APPL shares “outperformed at least two-thirds of businesses in the S&P 500 Index over three years.”

Most people in America would be overjoyed with a $10,000 bonus. Tim Cook just received a bonus larger than most families make in 20 lifetimes. Life is good if you’re Tim Cook. (h/t Fortune)

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